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"Sweet Shark #1: Learning to be Scary"

Great White Sharks are one of the most feared animals in the ocean – but not Keller. You see, Keller wants to hang around with his friends, like Zola the sea turtle, and pick flowers. However, Keller’s mom wants him to grow up to be a proper, scary shark. What’s a sweet shark like Keller to do? Swim along with Keller and Zola as they learn about self-confidence, kindness, and being true to yourself.

Sweet Shark is a children's picture book series centered around friendship, growing up, and ocean advocacy. Please see the links on this page for ordering information.



P.G. Hibbert is an author and illustrator living near the Potomac River. Growing up near so many waterways, like the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, inspired her to write about the beautiful animals in our waters. Hibbert’s most notable characters include Keller the great white shark, and his best friend, Zola the sea turtle. Hibbert hopes to inspire young readers about kindness, self-confidence, and the importance of friendship.

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