Behind the Scenes of Thomasine Media

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A Bit of Background

My name is Taylor Thomas and I am the owner and head videographer for Thomasine Media. 

Thomasine Media was founded as a production house, specializing in creating content across various mediums. I work with the top professionals in my industry to ensure quality videos for my clients.

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I founded Thomasine Media in 2018 when I decided to direct my first feature film. Together, my team and I raised $3,000 to produce the film Capitol Video. You can find out more about the film by clicking here.

About me:

My family owned and operated many video stores since 1981. Video is not only my profession but my heritage as well. I started out with a VHS camera, and then graduated to DSLR cameras. My favorite is the Lumix G7 from Panasonic. It is so compact and perfect for client videos. If you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn, click here!