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Thomasine Media specializes in videography, for whatever you may need. We offer commercials, videos for your business, videos for social media, and videography for a variety of occasions. Please contact us for pricing, and we can work with you to craft a video that fits your budget.

Thomasine Media is proud to offer video services, in the form of:

  • Storytelling and scriptwriting

  • Location scouting

  • High-quality video production

  • Professional sound mixing

  • Casting talent

  • Post-production editing

Thomasine Media also provides digital marketing packages that include website building and social media marketing. Services are a la carte but also come in a package. custom packages can also be arranged.

Thomasine Media is proud to offer digital marketing in the form of:

  • Website creation and SEO best practices

  • Social media marketing and managing

  • Photography for social media

  • Social media ad management


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