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You’re an author, and you just self-published your own book. Or you’re a filmmaker, and your new movie is playing at festivals. Problem is, marketing is far too time consuming, and for an artist, it takes away time from actually creating.


I should know; when I published by first book Samhain Island: Episode One I spent all my time reaching out to book bloggers on Instagram - messaging dozens of reviewers each week until my fingers hurt. It took hundreds of messages, and many hours, to get the reviews I currently have on Filmmakers face the same hurdles, trying to get people to watch their movie. It’s harder if you are an undiscovered artist.


That is why I have created a network of book and movie reviewers who are ready to review your book or movie on various platforms. Movie reviewers use the platforms Letterboxd, and IMDB, and book reviewers use Goodreads. Both post on social media. 


When an author or filmmaker come to Thomasine Media looking to get reviews for their film, we already have a list of reviewers to contact. We only assign reviewers to genres of movies or books that they like. 


If you would like to find out more about our process, or if you are an Entertainment PR company looking to partner, feel free to contact us at the form below.

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